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Adding a Facebook Cover Video on your Facebook Business Page will surely boost your engagement as people love watching videos. A cover video talking about your service or product can go a long way in building your brand and getting loyal fan following.
Mentioned below are the steps which you should follow to upload a cover video on your Facebook page. Please keep in mind that this feature is being rolled out in phases and available to 80% of FB pages as of now.
So lets get started.....
Step 1)
As we can see in the image above, you click on the "Change Cover " Icon and then click on "Upload Photo/Video"
Facebook suggests that your cover video should be around 820 by 312 pixels for best visual experience.
Steps 2)
Once uploaded, you can keep the video in loop format however you wish to. It will keep looping as shown in the image below.
Here you go. You have a video as your Facebook cover photo. It's an awesome feature which we are utilizing on our page and hope that you too will take advantage of it.
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