# Ali Baba Chalis Chor - A Treasure Hunt

Sunday, July 16, 2017 4:30 pm - 2:30 am
Woooh La la la.....
Awkworld Calling Awkies to Our Bunchup of phase II.
Those Who know Us… Good News is “We are Back with a Bang….”
I know.. Its Been long.. No Bunchups.. No Meet ups.. No Dhamaal and No Masti.... Worrryyyy Not.. Insanity Reveals, As we are Back. And Here Comes Our Bunchup
“Ali Baba Chalis Chor” Happening this Upcoming Saturday 16th July 2017
Yo Buddy… It’s Time to Hunt Treasure.. Join Us for An Amazing Day.. Full of Fun, Masti and Dhamaal..
We Gonna Meet New Friends, Play, Trekk, Run, Explore, Enjoy Scenic Beauty and Lot Lot More.. Because This Bunchup is Treasure Hunting..
So we Gonna have 4 Teams of Strangers.. 1 Goal and Above All only Cheating Allowed…
Just Jocklingggg.. No Cheating Allowed :-)
Itinerary, Do’s and Dont’s.. What and How.. Includes and Excludes :-
> Morning 10 Am Assemble at Bhaje caves and Journey Starts.
> 10.00 am Introduce Each Other and Team Vibhajan
> 11.30 am Hunting Starts and 6 pm We are Back to Finish Lines..
> 6.00 pm We have Snacks and Tea Ready fr you.
> Now Distribution of Gifts to Winning Team and
> 8.00 Pm Disburse.
Bout Hunt :-
We will make teams of equal no of Awkies, which will be called as Awk Team Red, White, Black etc…
This treasure hunt gonna be lil different and exciting. Treasure will be based on info hunts or puzzle. All teams will use their collective tool above their neck ;) to find clues. Each team is presented with a group of puzzles or clues that teams must solve in order to find info.
Each clue leads to a location within walking distance, where Awkies must find and use info to answer a question. This info could be words from a historical plaque, a series of numbers or an address, a landmark or any other unique item that many of us walking down the street might merely pass by, unless we were looking for it.
Our dedicated organizing team will always be available around teams to see who will be first to find all of the info. After solving all the clues teams will return their answer sheets to the designated endpoint. The earliest entry with the most correct answers wins
Make Frenz while playing -
Each player will receive an identical set of clues and a map, and with their team will solve clues involving wordplay, puzzles, anagrams, math, and other fun challenges. Guess that’s the best way to make new frenz while playing. Many clues contain wordplay that can have multiple meanings, and interpreting them quickly can lead to mistakes so no cheating is allowed .. lol
**Solving Clues**
Let’s make this treasure hunt more exciting in Awkies style..
The first part of a clue puzzle generally refers to a location. This could be a street, a business, a landmark, etc. Bcoz of this, not everything on the clue sheet will be immediately obvious or make sense until your team arrives at the clue location. The second part of the clue asks for a specific piece of info located at that particular site, or may lead you to another location where you’ll get that info.
Your best tool will be your map, but feel free to use any other resources that are independent of the hunt. While you can’t call or whatsapp anyone (teams must be physically together at all times). you can take help from the people on the street or say locals around you.
So lets get ready to find that Alibaba amongst you and make the game more interesting…
**Things to carry while Hunt**
Bring your insanity to enjoy the most happening Treasure Hunt !!
Comfortable footwear – there will be plenty of walking involved
Weather-appropriate clothing – Since this is Monsoon hunt, it may rain or may be sunny
Recommended items:
Highlighter – for marking your map
Water & Snacks
Flashlight – for evening hunts ( Optional )
Internet enabled phone or mobile device
Zip lock plastic bag or other waterproof covering to shield clues/map if raining
* This hunt is specially designed to make it one of the most exciting for all the Awkies
* The clues should not be opened prior info from our Hunt Guru
* No traveling on bikes, cycle, car or any public transport
* Stay together, one can use mobile phones only when any Awkie is lost or missed
* One can use GPS or Internet while hunt
* Please connect with our Hunt Guru in case of any issues
* Baaki rules will be informed when we all meet for this fun loving Treasure hunt at the venue
Last but not the least
* No cheating allowed instead lets make it more exciting being fair
* No booze allowed during Hunt
Contribution :-
SuperAwkie : Rs 1299
Awkie : Rs 1599
Travelling is not inclusive in above Contribution.
Only 60 Places Available and this BUnchup is Organised for Mumbai and Pune.. So plz Book Your Place ASAP
Hope You all Enjoy at Fullest..
Loooking forward to C u All Soon..
Love you all..
Team Awkworld
Vismay Parab
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